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Let’s taco-bout it…the catch-up!

So hey hi yo, what’s up? I finally took a break over the weekend and went to visit my mom in WNY and hit a family friend’s graduation party. It wasn’t totally planned out this way, but it turned into a working vacation…spent so much time on Friday and Saturday with tech support and futzing around with website tools that seemingly don’t apply to me.

This is the issue that has plagued me not only since I learned I was gonna get published, but with basically everything I look for when I want something: It’s simple and common-sensical, yet it doesn’t fucking exist. Sneakers, phone plans, tv stands, Innoscale website themes…nothin’. A fucking button that I can put on my home screen that takes you to this fucking blog (which already has its own damn sub-domain, which better fucking update when I post this entry…and apologies for being so sweary but that’s just me and who I am so it’s up to you to adjust to me and not the other way around…don’t worry; I still love you).

The grad party was dope…the oldest daughter of my late brother’s closest friends graduated, and yoooooooo! Instead of the standard boring crap everyone serves at large get-togethers, they had a mawfuggin’ taco bar. And tough shit if you don’t like tacos, cuz rules is rules.

This is the coolest way to party. Like, I’m calling my shot…from now on if you invite me to anything, don’t even think about not having a full-fledged taco bar. Unless you have a “make your own omelet” or “make your own pizza” bar. I will cancel all other plans for any of those three situations…that’s my word. Catered parties and songs played at weddings should be added to the “death and taxes are the only things you can count on” list thingey.

Which, I guess, means it’s time for a playlist. It’s good to go back where I came from, but it’s also good to be back where I am. Jam along with me while I relax before getting back into the tech-support grind my life’s been stuck in a neutral/reverse cycle tomorrow…

  • Motley Crue, “Home Sweet Home”
  • Kanye West & Jay Z, “No Church In The Wild (feat. Frank Ocean)”
  • Beastie Boys, “Finger Lickin’ Good (Government Cheese Remix)”
  • Better Than Ezra, “Summer House”
  • Atmosphere, “Always Coming Back Home To You (Hidden Track: “Say Shhh”)”
  • Bobby Womack, “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”
  • The Velvet Underground, “Beginning To See The Light”
  • A Tribe Called Quest, “Award Tour”
  • The Get Up Kids, “Like A Man Possessed”
  • O.A.R., “I Feel Home”
  • Hawksley Workman, “Ilfracombe”
  • Hey Mercedes, “Haven’t Been This Happy”

What a wonderful sentiment to end on (sort of)! Ok, I’m gonna put some of the leftover Pizza Hut with my mom as a break from Friday/Saturday’s website fiasco in my body until it forces me to take a nap…then I may as well actually check my email from like the last day or so. Then I’m gonna spread some love I think…or maybe get reacquainted with my Xbox and Rockband if my arms allow it, because I miss the drumming I didn’t do and I need some stress relief that includes hitting things with sticks. Peace, you guys rock, and hey, simple reminder: tell all your friends about this stuff I’m doing that’s too incredible to believe. Be the “root” in grassroots. And keep kickin’ the ass I can’t. Much love; please spread it around like a cake piece on someone’s birthday at the office. Even better if you ain’t got an office.

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My dude Cullen!

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Yes yes y’all! Let’s update you on the last couple of days, since so much has happened between the last time I looked at this blog and now. Follow along!

    • The results of the photo shoot are in! I’ve got a back cover headshot, a back page photo, and of the 67 pics maybe five to ten I actually like (though not the fault of the photographer…after all, he did his best with what he had to work with).
    • The front/back covers are live! 100 front and back cover
    • And here’s a sneak preview of the dedication page, clipped from the editing proof… kickass job by my crews!


So I had a late night and tried to sleep in a little this morning. Well past my usual wake-up time, as I’m slowly coming to, the Aesop Rock ringtone goes off and it’s the amazingly talented and lovely Sarah Fader on her way for some donuts, checking in. I keep saying things like “Shit’s getting real” yet each day shit keeps getting more real. And we’re going over the list of things I still need to work on, which is crazy because it’s the last hurdle I need to get myself over. Things like Press Release info, newspaper and radio contacts, email addresses from interested readers, finishing off the website and changing the hosting. Life comes at you fast, yo. I told Sarah I had to run some errands and do some packing for a short trip home starting tomorrow, we did a lot of YaaaYYYY!-ing, and I got up to take care of my bizness. And this is what I came home to…

BOOM goes the dynamite!

It’s hard keeping up with the social media posts…the Facebook and Instagram and Twitter love. Cuz like I said, I still have a ton of work to do…and we’re not even in the promotional stage yet where I’m gonna be doing interviews and signings and all that that entails. Plus, I’m taking a weekend off (but not really) to see my mom and hang out at a family friend’s kid’s grad party…which I’m looking forward to, because it’s time off but it’s also some networking opportunities. Gonna bust out the memo book and the nice pen to jot down some email addresses. Gimme yours now and save me some trouble! That way I can send them to my balls-out team of indie warrior women at Eliezer Tristan Publishing and you can be updated as to where I’ll be and how you can get the book. Buy it off the site, get it from Amazon, stuff it on your Kindle, or see me in person and say hey…get you a signed copy! It’ll be nice to see some of you again! It’s been way too long.

Let’s go out on a strong note and see what kind of playlist iTunes wants to generate for me today as I get out of here to bang out work and get ready for some family time…

  • Reggie & the Full Effect, “Mood 4 Luv”
  • Jawbox, “Savory”
  • Atoms For Peace, “Dropped”
  • Jimmy Eat World, “Futures”
  • Joe Tex, “I Believe I’m Gonna Make It”
  • The New Amsterdams, “Without A Sound (Eleanor)”
  • LL Cool J, “I Can’t Live Without My Radio”
  • Wilco, “Company In My Back”
  • Deftones, “Feiticeira”
  • Radiohead, “True Love Waits”

That’s all I got for you today, kids…keep watch on your email, this blog, and my Facebook and Twitter for now til I fix up the website. You are my inspiration, my key, and my love. Peace y’all.

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The Nuts and Bolts!! (a 100 update)

Hey guys! Hope you all had lovely weekends, whether you were celebrating dads and grads or chillin’ at your pads. I have more exciting news that came in the form of text messages and tweets last night that have just kept my world turning at its current whirlwind pace.

So…let’s sort this all out:

  • Eliezer Tristan Publishing purchased 1,000 ISBNs…meaning books can be sold in retail, cataloged in libraries…it’s basically a book’s identity and barcode. One of those ISBNs is going to be 100. Hopefully another will be it’s immediate follow-up, and the one I’m working on now after that. But let’s go down one road at a time.
  • How cool is this cover, done by the amazing Michelle Hammer (who is also working on the layout of the inside of the book as I’m typing this): 100 Cover
  • Speaking of the layout…I just reviewed and sent back the edits for the insides. Meaning: I just saw what my book is gonna look like in print. I know it’s probably not the same thing and it’s a bad comparison, but this must be what it feels like when parents expecting a baby for the first time see the initial sonogram, or hear the heartbeat. Shit is getting real, and with the quickness.

So that’s where we stand today. Please excuse me for having a Holy shit!! moment (y’all know you’d do the same) and let’s blast some good-time celebratory tunes…

  • Queens Of The Stone Age, “Feel Good Hit Of The Summer”
  • Beck, “Readymade”
  • Run DMC, “Together Forever (Krush-Groove 4)”
  • Wellwater Conspiracy, “Of Dreams”
  • Jay-Z, “Moment Of Clarity”
  • Public Enemy, “Black Is Back”
  • Atmosphere, “Modern Man’s Hustle”
  • Stone Temple Pilots, “Glide”
  • 10,000 Maniacs, “Because The Night”
  • Kanye West, “Celebration”

That’s my word, friends and lovers of this. Tell your people, share share share, like and support the gott damm amazing team at Eliezer Tristan Publishing on Facebook, and keep on keepin’ on being your kickass awesome selves! Peace…#100 #ItsHappening

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Coming Clean

Hey y’all…have fun!It’s the weekend! Sorta slow day around here actually, compared to the rest of the week…got out of the house for a change and ran a few errands like I was on a waterslide to get nice and press my luck a little. But let’s get serious for a moment.

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, or felt like not giving a fuck about my passive/aggressive alluding, I’m in the process of getting a poetry collection published. So yeah, #itshappening and all that. I’m nervous, excited, stressed, panicky, and hellbent on this being fucking sweet…even if the material isn’t quite as up to par as I remembered it to be (even though it won a Quill Award for Best Poetry Collection in 2016). I’ve got a second manuscript in the works as well, which upon reflection while getting into this process is buttloads better. So yeah homies…buy this first one and it’ll help finance the breakout sequel. Ain’t nothin’ but a party y’all…let’s get it on!

I’m hooked up with Eliezer Tristan Publishing and as soon as we get the cover settled and the results of my photo shoot in, we’ll have a mawfuggin’ book ready. Still tinkering with the actual website with the hope that you can buy it from there, get it on your Kindle from Amazon, or maybe show up at one of the functions I’m hoping will fall into place once I’ve got a book in my hand to sign and sell. Eliezer Tristan wants to put me out soon, and feature me on their website as well, which is sick and I’m eternally grateful for that opportunity.

I’m going to be a published author.

Just typing those words is surreal. An indie press wants to put me out, and they want my poetry. Years of battered self-confidence have led me to believe this can’t be happening, or accept that I’m good enough for this. I’m scared that it all might go away and leave me wondering how I fucked something up again. But I acknowledge that yes, this is real, and I need to start believing in it a hell of a lot more while I’m working at doing my part.

And make no mistake…I’m not harboring delusions of being some sort of “overnight success” where I’m suddenly famous in the large poetry world. I have meager goals, realistic expectations, and an honest mentality. I’m doing what I love and I now can expose it to a wider audience than I could with WDC (which I still love and support and you should too). And I get to do it with a company that’s artist-first and takes full interest in my thoughts and wishes for this book (at least I hope they still do…working on the cover has been a bit distressing but we can work through that). I was starting to consider self-pub days before I got the call from Sarah Fader that literally changed my damn life.

“We’re going to make this happen.”

Like, how do you even respond to that when you’re on the phone?? I hate talking on the phone as it is, so dammit…I had no one around to hi-5 or hug or just be like “Hey man, that’s awesome!”. And I suck sometimes at spontaneous conversation. Like, really suck. My phone specialty is a 30-second “I’m on my way” or “I’m here” or the automated calls from doctors’ offices reminding me of various appointments. When “Thank you!!” is all you can muster, how do you really feel, and how do you convey that over the phone? I get lost easily in that respect.

So anyway, let’s recap…I’m being published!!! Let’s get it out there for the world to see, so I can stop being shady and pretend-sneaky about it. There’s my info, there’s my things, and there’s my feelings. Let’s go full-blast into the weekend with a sunny June Saturday afternoon playlist supplied of course from my iTunes library, my friends…

  • The Get Up Kids, “Coming Clean”
  • Rick Derringer, “Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo”
  • Johnny Cash, “Cool Water”
  • Incubus, “The Warmth”
  • Anthrax, “Among The Living”
  • Helmet feat. David Yow, “Custard Pie”
  • Nirvana, “Big Long Now”
  • Moby, “Find My Baby”
  • Marvin Gaye, “Come Get To This”
  • OK Go, “What To Do” …mediocre people do exceptional things all the time!

Alright, that’s all I got for you cats today. I got other stuff to catch up on and do and make prettier than they are. Peace y’all…motherfuckin’ yeah, gonna be published bitches!

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I’m a model, baby!

What’s up y’all? Another day, another new experience for your boy over here…just got back from my first ever professional photo shoot. I know, right?! And I mean, hey, well, I’ve had professional portraits taken at school, but that’s practically mandatory. And I’ve stood up in weddings and had pics taken for that too, but those were never about me and to be honest, I don’t recall ever seeing most of the final shots. So yeah, this is a first for me.

So yeah, it felt pretty crazy! And my friends who know me know that I hate forcing myself to smile, because I wind up making the Chandler Bing face. But about halfway through the whole click-clickery I taught myself a little trick…every time the photographer asked/pleaded/desperately bargained for a smile, I’d think about how terrible my fake smile is, which in turn made me chuckle a little, and that produced a legit-looking expression of at least partial joy on my face. *points at forehead* Quick thinking y’all…this pretty-when-it-wants-to-be head isn’t just a hat rack.

And the pics will be ready in about three days. I know I should be excited and I am to an extent, but this is all coming together so fast that I don’t even know if this whole experience of everything going on has really hit me yet. It’s surreal…tell me a week or so ago that by this time next week I’ll be working on all the details that go into getting a book published, and you know I’dda told you to lay off the crack, homie. Yet, here we are, and I’m glad you’re here with me, following along.

With that said, let’s bang out to a kickass photo-based playlist and call it a day.

  • The Cure, “Pictures Of You”
  • Taking Back Sunday, “This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)”
  • Spoon, “I Turn My Camera On”
  • The Tragically Hip, “Pigeon Camera”
  • Camper Van Beethoven, “Pictures Of Matchstick Men”
  • Ice Cube, “Who Got The Camera?”
  • Wilco, “Kamera”
  • Atmosphere, “Camera Thief”
  • Def Leppard, “Photograph”
  • The Who, “Pictures Of Lily”
  • Felt, “I Shot A Warhol”

Hope your day’s fantastic, loves. Let’s keep the wagon wheels rollin’ on through the rest of the week, ok? Peace!